Presentation of Intellectual Property Office

"To invent, you need a great imagination and a pile of junk."Thomas A. Edison

Welcome to our page I.P.O!

The Intellectual Property Office is under the direct supervision of Brasov Transilvania University’s Rector and Vice-Rector in charge of Scientific Research and IT.

The Intellectual Property Office has competence in the field of intellectual and industrial property, being a support department for the educational scientific research structure of Transilvania University.

The activity of I.P.O. obeys the legal procedures concerning intellectual property protection (copyright, inventions, marks and geographical indications, designs and models).


We hope that the information posted here will make you contact us for the protection of your original intellectual creations as industrial property rights or copyright.

Intellectual Property Office, Lab. 12, Floor 1. 

ICDT - Research and Development Institute

Brasov, 500484, Institutului Street, No. 10.