Doctoral studies represent the third cycle of university studies and they allow the acquisition of a 8 level qualification according to The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and to The National Qualifications Framework.

Transilvania University of Brașov (UTBv) organizes doctoral studies within the Institution Organising Doctoral Studies – Transilvania University of Brașov (IOSUD-UTBv), which is led by the Council of Doctoral Studies (CSUD - UTBv).

Doctoral studies programs are organized and carried out within IOSUD-UTBv through the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (IDS/SDI).

In the present, doctoral studies are organized in the following forms of education: full time attendance and part time attendance, on budgeted places and places on fees.

 Transilvania University of Brașov organizes doctoral studies in 18 accredited academic fields (according to OMENCS no. 5382/2016): Mechanical engineering, Industrial engineering, Materials engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronics, telecommunications and informational technologies, Systems engineering, Computers and information technology, Chemical engineering, Forest Engineering, Forestry, Mathematics, Informatics, Marketing, Philology, Engineering and management, Science of sport and physical education, Medicine, Music. In the present, the IOSUD-UTBv doctoral programs are coordinated by 201 PhD supervisors (out of which 108 titular, 7 retired and 16 external). A number of 432 doctoral students (Romanian and foreign) are currently in various stages of the doctoral program.