The general objective of Systems for Process Control center is developing knowledge in the targeted research areas and aligning the results to the national and international circuit of values, mainly by creating and managing projects in automation, applied informatics and
related fields.

Specific and operational objectives: 
•    Develop capabilities and increase competitiveness and research offer of the department by:
- configuration and deployment of industrial process control systems, robotics and manufacturing lines
- development of applications in automation and applied informatics and implementation of algorithms and automatic control systems based on microcontrollers, signal processors, programmable logic controllers, embedded systems etc
-  design of complex software and hardware systems in specific environments
- implementation of databases and data security technologies
   •    Increase the scientific reputation of the department by:
    - participation in international scientific events with presentations or as members in the program committees
- publication of scientific papers in journals with high ISI impact factor
- stimulating the cooperation with companies in the fields of automation and information technology
  •    Fundraising by:
    -    enroll in CNCSIS grants competitions
-    participate in programs and collaborations within the National Research Program;
-    cooperation in the research and technological development framework programs of the EU
-    research contracts with companies and public entities