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"Education in the Academic space can not fulfill real-formative mission if is not the result of scientific research peak, in which creativity is combined with the applicability of the result and their transfer to the direct beneficiaries of the economic environment and more broadly across society. Thus creativity, development of fundamental knowledge and fundamental applied knowledge must be complemented by the ability to implement the new, by inventions."

Historic: Creativity and Innovation JOURNAL is meant to be an effective and valuable support for those wishing to share their new/innovative ideas and results of their work. Is an annual publication, published in Romanian and English for romanian authors and only in English for authors from other countries. It appeared in 2009 at the intiative of Dr. Ramona-Elena DUMITRASCU and is an absolute novelty at nationally and internationally. This is the first publication in the field of creativity and innovation, published in the Doctoral School of Transilvania University of Brasov. It is a uniq academic journal for PhD students, researchers from varoius fields of study/specialization - having an inter/pluridisciplinary character.This is referring at fields in which creativity can be applied for developing new techniques, methods, processes, approaches (for example: engineering, design, computer science, economics, marketing, management and so on) with the aim to contribute at the knowledge development. From 2017 a new section dedicated to Ph.D/Dr. opens. Being published and in electronic format, the journal facilitates the efficient transfer of information between research sectors/production, academic and interested persons.The name of journal derived from the name of the course Creativity and Inventics pourposed in 2005 by prof. dr. ing. Șerban BOBANCU, when was founded the Doctoral School in Romania. Annually are organized and National Confereces based on this topic. This scientific activities aims to encourage PhD students and young researchers from Romania and other countries, to a high degree of creativity applied. Creativity, innovation is essential to developing a substantial research continue reading

Access policy: Creativity and Innovation Journal provides open access to all readers.The journal does not charge any fee for access to its electronic archive. From 2016, the content of the articles will be published full text on the website.


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Journal indexed by: DOAJ (since 2016 with the old name and since 2017 with the new name)