Name and surname Country Institution of origin Date of award
Karl-Hans LAERMANN Germany University of Vuppertal 29.10.1993
Philippe COIFFET France Institute of Nuclear Techniques, Paris 14.07.1995
Sergiu RADAUTAN     Republic of Moldova Academy of the Republic of Moldova 13.10.1995
Wolgang FECHNER Germany FHS Wurzburg 16.10.1995
Gheorghe BUZDUGAN Romania Romanian Academy 15.05.1996
Nachum FINGER Israel University Ben Gurion 26.09.1997
Bertrand SCHNEIDER France Club of Rome 27.09.1997
Socrate KAPLANIS Greece Technological Research Centre, Patras 30.10.1998
Constantin  CORDUNEANU USA University of Texas at Arlington 12.11.1999
Mariana NICOLESCO Romania Transilvania University 26.11.1999
Joop SCHOONMAN Netherlands Scientific Research Department in Delft 16.06.2000
Hans-Heinrich HARMS Germany Technical University Braunschweig 04.05.2001
Doru Michael STEFANESCU USA Alabama University 01.06.2001
Radu  VOINEA Romania Romanian Academy 26.04.2002
Paul GÜMPEL Germany Fachhochschule Konstanz 21.05.2002
Petre  TEODORESCU Romania Bucharest University 21.05.2002
Erhard BUSEK Austria Special coordinator of the Stability Pact for Eastern Europe 04.11.2002
Hendrik VAN BRUSSEL Belgium Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 11.07.2003
Axel RICHTER Germany Znt - Institut München 11.07.2003
Andreas LOVERDOS Greece Ministry of Foreign Affairs 08.12.2003
Philippe ETIENNE France Ambassador of France in Romania 16.01.2004
Thierry de MONTBRIAL France French Institute for International Relations 16.01.2004
Eugen SIMION Romania Romanian Academy 16.01.2004
Cornel STAN Germany Zwickau University of Applied Sciences 08.07.2005
Alexandru HERLEA France University of Technology Belfort/Montbeliard 08.07.2005
Horia COLAN Romania Corresponding Member of the Academy 22.02.2007
Desideriu MAROS Romania Technical University, Cluj-Napoca 11.06.2007
Radu MIRON Romania Honorary Member of the Academy 22.06.2007
Radu Mircea DAMIAN Romania Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest 16.11.2007
Panaite MAZILU Romania Honorary Member of the Academy 16.11.2007
Marco CECCARELLI Italy Cassino University 13.10.2009
Richard LEVAO USA President of Bloomfield College 13.11.2009
Ioan Cristian HEREA Romania Academy of Forestry and Agriculture 16.12.2009
Vistrian MATIES Romania Technical University, Cluj-Napoca 16.04.2009
Mugur C-tin ISARESCU Romania National Bank of Romania 06.05.2011