Full-time Education



Field of Study   Programme of Study  Curriculum  Syllabus
Engineering Sciences   
Automotive Engineering   Automotive Engineering  Syllabus
    Automotive Engineering (in English)  Syllabus
Mechanical Engineering   Mechanical Engineering  Syllabus
    Mechanical Engineering (in English)
    Thermal Systems and Equipment  Syllabus
    Machinery and Installations for Agriculture and Food Industry  
    Equipment for Industrial Processes in Food and Tourism Industry  
    Product Design Engineering (in English)  Syllabus
Transport Engineering   Traffic and Transport Engineering  Syllabus
Mechatronics and Robotics   Mechatronics  Syllabus
Applied Engineering Sciences   Optometry  Syllabus
  Medical Engineering  Syllabus
    Physical Engineering  
    Computer Science for Materials Engineering  Syllabus
    Applied Informatics in Electrical Engineering  
    Mathematics and IT Applied in Engineering  
Industrial Engineering   Industrial Design (in Romanian)  Syllabus
    Industrial Design (in English)  Syllabus
    Engineering of Renewable Energy Systems  Syllabus
    Manufacturing Engineering  Syllabus
    Machine Tools and Manufacturing Systems  Syllabus
    Quality Engineering and Management  Syllabus
    Industrial Safety Engineering  Syllabus
    Welding Engineering   Syllabus
Aerospace Engineering   Aerospace Engineering  Syllabus
Engineering and Management   Economic and Industrial Engineering  Syllabus
    Economic Engineering in Mechanics   Syllabus
    Forestry Engineering and Management  
    Engineering and Management in Food Service and Agri-Tourism  Syllabus
    Engineering and Management in Tourism Industry  Syllabus
    Engineering and Business Management  Syllabus
Environmental Engineering   Industrial Environmental Engineering and Protection  Syllabus
    Recycling Engineering  Syllabus
Materials Engineering   Materials Science  Syllabus
Electrical Engineering   Electrotechnics  Syllabus
    Electrical Engineering and Computers (in English)  Syllabus
Energetic Engineering   Energy Management  
Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications   Applied Electronics  Syllabus
  Telecommunication Systems and Technologies  Syllabus
Systems Engineering   Automation and Applied Informatics  Syllabus
Computers and Information Technology   Computers  Syllabus
  Information Technology  
Geodetic Engineering   Terrestrial Measurement and Cadastre  Syllabus
Forest Engineering   Wood Processing Engineering  Syllabus
    Wood Products Engineering and Design  Syllabus
Civil Engineering   Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Constructions  
    Railways, Roads and Bridges  
Building Services   Construction Equipment  
Food Engineering   Food Control and Expertise  Syllabus
  Food Engineering  Syllabus
Forestry   Forestry  Syllabus
    Forest Engineering  Syllabus
    Wildlife Management  Syllabus
Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Mathematics   Mathematics and Computer Science  Syllabus
Computer Science   Computer Science  Syllabus
    Applied Computer Science  Syllabus
    Applied Computer Science (in German)  Syllabus
Social Sciences
Management   Management  Syllabus
Marketing   Marketing  Syllabus
Finance   Finance and Banking  Syllabus
Accounting   Accounting and Management Informatics  Syllabus
International Economics and Business   International Business  Syllabus
Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics   Economic Informatics  Syllabus 
Business Administration   Economics of Trade, Tourism and Services  Syllabus
    Business Administration (in English)  Syllabus
Communication Sciences   Communication and Public Relations  Syllabus
Sociology   Sociology  Syllabus
Social Assistance   Social Assistance  Syllabus
Psychology   Psychology  Syllabus
Education Sciences   Pedagogy of Primary and Pre-School Education  Syllabus
    Special Education  Syllabus
Law   Law  
Physical Education and Sports   Physical Education and Sports  
    Sports and Motor Performance   
Kineto-Therapy   Kineto-Therapy and Special Motor Activities  
Humanities and Arts
Languages and Literatures   Romanian Language and Literature - a Modern Language and Literature (English, French, German)  Syllabus RO-EN RO-FR RO-GER
    English Language and Literature - a Modern language and Literature (French, German) / Romanian Language and Literature  Syllabus EN-FR EN-GER EN-RO
Applied Modern Languages   Applied Modern Languages (two languages of: French, English, German)  Syllabus FR-EN GER-EN
Cultural Studies   American Studies (in English)  Syllabus
Music   Music Performance-Instrumental  Syllabus
    Music Pedagogy  Syllabus
Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Health - Sector regulated within European Union   Medicine  
Health - Generally regulated   Physio Kinetotherapy and Recovery Therapy