X-th International Conference on Finsler Extensions of Relativity Theory

 August 18-24, 2014, Braşov, Romania

FERT 2014 



The main topics of our Conference, FERT 2014- Brasov, Romania,cover the following areas:
  • - Finsler geometry and its applications.
  • - Extensions of Finsler, Lagrange and Hamilton geometries to Relativity Theory.
  • - Real and complex Geometry with applications in General Relativity.
  • - Hypercomplex structures and their applications to Relativity Theory.  Field theories depending on direction. Extensions of Yang-Mills theories. Extensions of Quantum relativistic gravity.
  • - The general philosophical and mathematical principles underlying Finsler extensions of Relativity Theory.
  • - Experimental investigations and astrophysical observations designed to detect possible evidence for the anisotropy of real Space-Time.

Papers presented at the Conference, after a selection process, will be published in the Bulletin of Transilvania University
(reviewed in Mathematical Reviews and Zentralblatt).