Provincia Liaoning din China, prin partenerul Universitatii Transilvania din Brasov - Shenyang Jianzhu University, ofera burse de studii doctorale la aceasta universitate. Pentru cei interesati, cateva detalii sunt redate mai jos :

Basic information for the doctor programs.

1. The doctor program is taught in English.

2. Program fields:

  • - Architecture (Architecture Design and Theory; Architecture History and Theory; Architecture Technique and Science; Urban Design and Theory; Interior Design and Theory; Architectural Heritage Conservation and Theory)
  • Civil Engineering (Geo-technical Engineering; Building Structure Engineering; Heat, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering; Municipal Engineering; Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering; Bridge and Tunnel Engineering; Construction and Management of Civil Engineering; The Civil Engineering Materials )
  • Mechanical Engineering (Mechanical Design and Theory; Machine Building and Automation; Mechanical Electronic and Automation; Mechanical Electronic Engineering; Automotive Engineering; Micro Electrical-Mechanical Mechanical Engineering )
  • - Urban Planning (Research Theory in Urban and Regional Planning; Urban and Rural Planning & Design; Technique and Science in Urban and Rural Planning; Regional Planning and Housing; History Heritage Conservation in Urban Planning; Urban and Rural Planning Management)
  • - Landscape Architecture (History and Theory in Landscape Architecture; Garden and Landscape Design; Landscape Planning and Ecological Restoration; The Protection of Science Garden Heritage; The Landscape Plant Application; Landscape Architecture Technology & Science).

 3. Scholarship: Full scholarship¥92800/year, and the government will support three year for Ph. D study, which is¥278400. All these money will be given to the Shenyang Jianzhu University(“SJZU”), and SJZU will provide free tuition, free accommodation and ¥2700 /month to Ph. D student’s living, which is OK for living in Shenyang.

 4. Deadline of application is May 20, 2017.