The patents for invention are major outcomes of the scientific research activity. The University’s Office for Intellectual Property offers to academic community members support in preparing the documentation for obtaining patents, as well as advice on intellectual and industrial property.

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What is a patent? What is an invention?

The patent is a territorial right (limited by the geographical borders of the country/region where it is offered) granted by the State for a new invention, which involves an inventive activity and may be applied in industry. It gives the holder the exclusive right to prevent/stop other persons from producing, using, offering for sale, selling or importing a product or a method based on the patented invention, without the author’s prior consent.

The patent application and granted patent are made public by their publication in the Official Industrial Property Bulletin – Section Inventions.

An invention is defined as a new and inventive solution to a technical problem. It may refer to the creation of a completely new device, product, method or process, or it may be a range of improvements applied to a known product/method. It may be an innovating idea or it may be in the form of a functional model or prototype. The innovation refers to the transformation of the invention into a marketable product or method.

What can be patented?

According to art. 7 in Law 64/1991, any invention which is not included in the state of the art and which has a product/process as its object, in all technological fields, can be patented, provided that it is new, it involves an inventive activity and it is industrially applicable.

The state of the art includes: knowledge that has become accessible to the public, by an oral/written description, by use or by any other means, up to the date of filing the patent for invention or recognized priority; the content of the applications filed with OSIM and of the international or European applications designating Romania, as submitted, which have a date of filing or recognized priority, and which were published on or after this date, in compliance with the law.

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