Support Structures

Centre for Career Guidance and Counselling
Lecturer Dr. Alina Oana BOTA
Publishing House
Prof. Dr. Răzvan SĂFTOIU
Quality Assurance Office
Prof. Dr. Eng. Maria Luminița SCUTARU
Project Management Office
Prof. Dr. Ana-Maria CAZAN 
Office for the Administration of Academic Processes
Lecturer Dr. Camelia MÎZGACIU
Office for Relations with Companies
Prof. Dr. Luminița PÂRV
Intellectual Property Office
Eng. Ioan ȚOȚU
  • Phone: 0372729698
  • E-mail:
  • Office hours: Monday – Friday 1200 – 1500
IT Office
  • Eng. Laurențiu DUMITRU
  • Phone: 0268-472564
  • E-mail:
Office for Real Estate Development and Administrative Strategies