Admission information for non-EU citizens

Admission to Undergraduate/Master Studies

Deadline for submitting applications: 15th of July 2019

Admission to preparatory year

Deadline for submitting applications: 30th of July 2019

The candidate must send in the envelope:

  • one package of documents (see below)
  • a copy of the whole package of documents


The documents required for application:

1. Application form with all sections rubrics filled out entirely, including the e-mail address;

2. The proof of payment of the registration fee, 40 euro.

Recipient: TRANSILVANIA University of Brasov
Fiscal Code: 4317754
Bank: BCR Brasov (Romanian Commercial Bank Brasov)
Account number: RO 78 RNCB 0053048605430040
Swift code: RNCBROBU

3. A copy authenticated by the Romanian Embassy or by the Foreign Ministry from the issuing country and legalized translation (in Romanian or English) for each of the following documents:

- High School Diploma or equivalent
- Bachelor's Degree Diploma or equivalent
- Transcripts of records / diploma supplements related to the completed studies;

4. As the case:

- Graduation Certificate of the preparatory year of Romanian language
- Certificate of linguistic competence in English or the proof that the student studied English language
* Exceptions: candidates coming from countries whose official language is English.

5. Birth certificate – copy and legalized translation (in Romanian or English);

6. Copy of the document attesting the permanent residence abroad (ID Card)

7. Copy of the passport;

8. Medical certificate, (in Romanian, English or French) stating that the student doesn't suffer from contagious diseases or other illnesses incompatible with the the future profession;

9. One photo passport type

The application file will be sent to the address:

Transilvania University of Brasov
Office for International Cooperation
Bd. Eroilor 29, 500036 Brasov

Enrollment Conditions

  • At registration, candidates will present the original studies documents and identity documents from the application file, together with the Letter of Acceptance for study;
    a) Passport having the specific visa for studies in Romania;
    b) Certificate of birth (legalized translation in Romanian, English or French);
    c) Original study documents issued in States that are parties of the Convention regarding the Hague Apostille, must be certified by the competent authorities of those countries with the Hague Apostille. Click here for more detailes
    d) Original study documents issued in States that are not parties of the Convention regarding the Hague Apostille will be over-legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country and by the Embassy / Consular Office of Romania in that country.
    e) Medical certificate
  • If foreign citizens want to attend courses such as sports or arts, they must prove they have the necessary skills.
  • Candidates will be enrolled for undergraduate and post-graduate studies only after graduating the preparatory year of Romanian language or on the basis of a certificate proving Romanian linguistic competence.



Registration fee for Undergraduate/Master Studies and preparatory year: 40 euro.

Tuition fees for undergraduate/master studies  

  • Technical, Sciences, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Sport – 2430 euro / year
  • Socio-humane, Psychology – 2000 euro/year
  • Economics – 3000 euro/year
  • Medicine – 4000 euro/year
  • Nursing / PhysioKinetotherapy and Recovery Therapy / Clinical Laboratory – 3000 euro/year
  • Medicine - Specialist training (residency) – 4500 euro/year
  • Music and Arts – 3780 euro/year
  • Musical Performance – 6750 euro/year
  • Preparatory year of Romanian language – 2000 euro/year


Final examination fees for license, dissertation paper

Technical, Sciences, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Sport – 300 €
Socio-humane, Psychology - 300 €
Economics – 400 €
Medicine – 500 €
Music and Arts – 500 €

*Accommodation and meals shall be paid separately.