Admission procedure

a) Candidates must upload all required documents to the dedicated electronic platform for registration ( The complete application files (paper documents) will be sent to Transilvania University of Brașov / International Office (B-dul Eroilor nr. 29, Brașov, 500036, Romania);

b) After analysing the candidates’ files, the university will send to the Ministry of Education a list of the eligible applicants proposed for acceptance to PhD studies, according to the timeline set by internal procedures;

c) The list will be accompanied by a copy of each candidate's application file; only complete files will be considered and further processed;

d After analysing the application files, the Ministry of Education issues the Letter of Acceptance to Studies in English or French and sends it to Transilvania University of Brașov. The Letter of Acceptance has to be obtained before the scheduled exam for admission to doctoral studies;

e) Admission to doctoral studies is subject to a competition, consisting in a mandatory admission exam, which is organized by Transilvania University of Brașov; the minimum grade for passing this admission exam is 8 (eight).  


Incomplete files will not be processed by the Ministry of Education and will be rejected.

The Letter of Acceptance requested by Transilvania University of Brașov is valid only for our university, beginning with the specified academic year.

Upon enrolment, it is mandatory that successful candidates present all the original studies and identity documents, copies of which had been initially submitted with the application file, alongside the authorized translations of the studies documents (after their certification) and of the birth certificate, the Letter of Acceptance and a valid passport with a Romanian visa for studies.

The original studies documents issued in countries which are part of the Hague Convention should be certified by the competent authorities from the respective countries with the Hague Apostille.

The original studies documents issued in countries which are not part of the Hague Convention should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Embassy /Consulate in the respective countries.

Please access the link below to check the status of your country: