Non-EU citizens

Candidates from non - EU countries (third states of the European Union) can attend doctoral studies in Romania against foreign currency fees(CPV) following the specific rules described in this instruction.

Please note that the Romanian authorities may impose public health requirements applicable to international transportation, registration process and participation in academic activities, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation.


I. Conditions:

Candidates to doctoral studies have to obtain a Preliminary agreement from a doctoral supervisor within Transilvania University of Brașov. To obtain the preliminary agreement, candidates should submit a letter of intention to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (e-mail: and the International Office of UTBv ( The letter of intention should be accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Resume), including contact details;
  • A short  description of the intended doctoral research project (max.2 pages);
  • List of scientific publications.

The letters of intention can be submitted between 10 May and  21 May 2021.

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral School will forward these documents to the doctoral supervisors in order to identify a possible PhD supervisor for each applicant. The procedure will be continued only if a supervisor has been identified, and a preliminary agreement has been obtained.

II. Admission details for the academic year 2021-2022

Art. 1. Foreign candidates from third states of the European Union (non-EU citizens) can be addmited for doctoral  studies on condition that they cumulate the following requirements:

  • a) To provide documents attesting the citizenship of a non-EU state (a third state of the European Union);
     b) To hold a Master’s degree diploma or its equivalent.

Art. 2. The application file shall  include the following documents:

  • a) Birth certificate – copy and legally certified translation in English or French
  • b) Copy of document attesting residency abroad
  • c) Copy of the passport
  • d) Two copies of the Application form  for the issuance of  the Letter of acceptance to Studies with all fields  filled in. The Application form can be downloaded here. 
  • e) The Baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent - a photocopy authenticated by the relevant authorities of the issuing country and a legally certified translation in English or French
  • f) The Bachelor’s degree diploma or its equivalent - a photocopy authenticated by the relevant authorities of the issuing country  and a legally certified translation in English or French
  • g) The Master’s degree diploma or its equivalent -a photocopy authenticated by the relevant authorities of the issuing country and a legally certified translation in English or French
  • h) For the 2020/2021 graduates of Master`s degree studies a Certificate stating the degree and the grades is accepted instead of the Master`s degree diploma and the academic records. The Certificate has to be submitted in fotocopy authenticated by the relevant authorities of the issuing country and in legally certified translation in English or French. 
  • i) Academic records – copy and legally certified translations - for the completed studies (Baccalaureate, Bachelor, Master)
  • j) Certificate of graduation of the Romanian language preparatory year or a Romanian Language Proficiency Certificate, by case – for doctoral programmes taught in Romanian. By exception, this certificate is not required from candidates who possess diplomas issued in Romania or documents attesting that they have previously studied at least 4 consecutive years in Romanian in a national education institution in Romania.
  • k) English Language Certificate (B2- level according to CEFR -Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)– for doctoral programmes taught in English. This can be an internationally recognised certificate (subject to approval by the Centre of Modern Languages of Transilvania University).By exception, this certificate is not required from candidates originating from countries where the official language is English or if candidates prove having attended previous studies in English. 
  • l) Medical certificate (in English or French) to prove that the candidate does not suffer from infectious diseases or other illnesses that might prevent him/her from undertaking doctoral studies.

Art. 3. Admission procedure

  • a) Candidates should upload the application files (all documents listed under Art. 2.a-l) on the dedicated electronic platform for registration ( Application files (paper documents) will be sent directly to Transilvania University of Brașov / International Office (B-dul Eroilor nr. 29, Brașov, 500036, Romania);
  • b) Admission to doctoral studies is possible only in the legally approved doctoral fields;
  • c) Admission to doctoral  studies is subject to a competition, consisting in a mandatory admission exam, which is organized by Transilvania University of Brașov; the minimum grade for passing  this admission  exam is 8 (eight);
  • d) After analysing the candidates’ files, the university will send to the Ministry of Education a list of the eligible applicants proposed for acceptance to PhD studies, according to the timeline set by internal procedures;
  • e) The list will be accompanied by a copy of each candidate's application file  as stated in Art. 2; only complete files will be considered and further processed;
  • f) After analysing he application files, Ministry of Education issues the Letter of Acceptance to Studies in French or English.
  • g) Ministry of Education sends the Letters of Acceptance to the higher education institutions or to the diplomatic missions of the candidates’ countries of origin in Romania, as relevant;
  • h) The Letter of Acceptance has to be obtained before the scheduled exam for admission to doctoral studies;
  • i) Incomplete files will not be processed by Ministry of Education and will be declared rejected. The rejected files and the ones submitted by admitted students who request to give up on the study will be returned cost free to candidates by the IOSUD-UNITBV within 48 hours upon receiving the request.

Art. 4. The doctoral studies usually have a duration of 3 years (excepting PhD in Medicine with a duration of 4 years)  and the PhD degree is earned after the doctoral student’s defending the PhD thesis. In special situations, the duration of PhD studies can be extended by 1 or 2 years, with the approval of the academic Senate, at the proposal of the doctoral supervisor.

Art. 5. Enrolment to doctoral studies is conditioned both by passing the admission exam and by obtaining the Letter of acceptance to Studies issued by the Ministry of Education. The Letter of Acceptance requested by Transilvania University of Brașov is valid only for our university, beginning with the specified academic year, provided that the relevant requirements are met. Enrolment is subject to the Order of the Rector of Transilvania University of Brașov.

Art. 6. (1) Upon enrolment , it is mandatory that successful candidates present all the original studies and identity documents, copies of which had been initially submitted with the application file (Art. 2), alongside the authorized translations of the studies documents ( after their certification as stated in paragraphs (2) and (3) bellow) and of the birth certificate, the Letter of Acceptance and a valid passport with a Romanian visa for studies.

(2) The original studies documents issued in countries which are part of the Hague Convention should be certified by the competent authorities from the respective countries with the Hague Apostille.

(3) The original studies documents issued in countries which are not part of the Hague Convention should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Embassy /Consulate in the respective countries.

Please access the link bellow to check the status of your country:

(4) Following admission and enrolment, a doctoral studies contract will be signed and the doctoral student will be registered under a unique enrolment number in the Registry of the Doctoral School.

III. Application Deadlines & Admission Calendar - academic year 2021-2022

Formalities for obtaining the preliminary agreement from a potential supervisor (as stated in Chapter II): 24 May -11 June 2021. This agreement is an eliminatory condition. 

Application start date: 14 June 2021 (for candidates having already a preliminary agreement from a doctoral supervisor)

Application deadline (Complete files received by UNITBV): 16 July 2021; late applications (received after this date) will be rejected.

Analysis of the application files and sending the list of candidates and their files to the Ministry of Education : 16-30 July, 2021

Analysis by Ministry of Education and the issuance of the Letter of Acceptance: by September 2021

Registration of candidates who have obtained the Letter of Acceptance for entering the admission exam: 06 - 17 September 2021

Admission exam: ( possible via internet, on request): 22-25 September 2021

Results of admission exam : 28 September 2021

Enrolment date: on or after  1 October 2021, upon arrival in Romania (on condition that all the  requirements according to Art.6 are fulfilled).

Any well justified exceptions to /modifications of this calendar require the approval of the Executive Board and the Senate of Transilvania University of Brașov.

IV. Fees (according to the University Senate decision no. 17/31.03.2021)

IV.I. Admission fees
Field of doctoral degree studiesAdmission fee
Technical Studies, Sciences, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Sport 300
Social studies, Humanities, Psychology 300
Economics 400
Medicine 500
Music and Arts 500

Admission fee is to be paid after receiving the Letter of Acceptance, before the date of the scheduled admission exam. The International Office of UTBv ( offers assistance  with payment formalities.

IV.II. Tuition fees
A. Full-time doctoral students 
Field of doctoral degree studiesTuition fee
(Euro / year)
Technical Studies, Sciences, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Sport 2610
Social studies, Humanities, Psychology 2200
Economics 3000
Medicine 5000
Music and Arts 4000
Musical Performance 7000
 Romanian language preparatory year 2000

Important note: The fees must be paid in advance for each year of study

B. Part-time doctoral students

1. For the programme of advanced academic studies (first year of study), the payment of fees complies  with the conditions specified in section A above.

2. For the programme of scientific research, the fees apply only for the activities mentioned in the individual educational plan, with the equivalent of the monthly fee for each activity.

Note: For this purpose, the equivalent monthly fee is obtained by dividing the Tuition fee listed in section A above by the number of months of the academic year (9 months).

IV.III. Final examination fees

 Field of doctoral degree studiesDoctoral thesis
Technical, Sciences, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Sport 600
Socio-humane, Psychology 500
Economics 700
Medicine 900
Music and Arts  900
Musical performance 1500