Department of Finance, Accounting and Economic Theory
Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration


Colina Universitatii Street, No. 1, A Building, Brasov, Romania
A Building, Brasov, Romania
Phone: +40 268 473538


Research interests:

  • accounting
  • audit
  • sustainable development

Publications (selection):

  • Eliza Nichifor, Adrian Trifan, Elena Mihaela Nechifor (2021). Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Commerce: Basic Chatbots and the Consumer Journey, Amfiteatru Economic, 23(56), pp. 88-103, eISSN: 2247-9104, WOS:000612310500006, DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/56/87.
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  • Trifan Adrian (2014). Directions for improving management accounting in the textile industry enterprises, Revista Industria Textilă, 65(2), pp. 101–106, ISSN:1222-5347, WOS:000335289900008.