Associate Professor
Department of Marketing, Tourism-Services and International Business
Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration


Universității no. 1, Brașov, Romania
Building A, Room A III 6
Phone/Fax: +40 268 473538

Descarcă CV

Research interests:

  • international trade
  • foreign direct investment
  • European economic policies
  • tourism

Publications (selection):

  • Marinescu, N. (ed.) (2017). East-West Migration in the European Union. Newcastle: Cambridge University Publishing.
  • Haar, L., Marinescu, N. (2014). Entry Modes and Firm Performance in a Transition Economy: Evidence from Inward FDI to Romania. Journal of East-West Business, 20(1), 44–67.
  • Haar, L., Marinescu, N. (2011). Energy policy and European utilities’ strategy: Lessons from the liberalisation and privatisation of the energy sector in Romania. Energy Policy, 39(5), 2245-2255.
  • Marinescu, N., Constantin, C. (2010). The Link between Exports and Inward Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Romania. Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai Negotia, 55(2), 71-84.
  • Marinescu, N. (2011). Integrare europeană. Braşov: Editura Universității Transilvania.