Department of Materials Sciences
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering


Colina Universității nr. 1, 500068, Brașov, Romania
Building W, Room W III8
Phone:+40 268 411877


Research interests:

  • synthesis processing and characterization of metallic materials
  • composite materials
  • nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

Publications (selection)

  • Crişan A., Ciobanu I., Popa S., Munteanu S. I. - A method to produce granular metallic magnesium for the inoculation of the cast iron - Sixt Israel Materials Engineering Conference, february 24 - 25, 1993, Ben - Gurion University of the Negev the Dead Sea, Israel, Conference Proceedings, Part A, pag: 130 - 135;
  • Crişan A., Munteanu S.I., Ciobanu I., Riposan I. - Optimization of the Chemical Compozition of Cast Iron Used for Ball Bearing Grinding Disks, Tsinghua Science and Technology, vol 13, nr. 2, april 2008, pag. 164-169, ISSN 1007-0214.09/20, Beijing-China;
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  • E. L. Tiron, A. Crisan, T. Bedő, M. Stoicanescu, M. A. Pop & D. Cristea, The Influence of Galvanizing Parameters on the Structural Development of Zn-Al-Based Coatings, Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, volume 27, pages 4548–4560 (2018);
  • M. Stefanescu, A. Crisan, G. Alonso, P. Larrañaga & R. Suarez, Growth of Spheroidal Graphite on Nitride Nuclei: Disregistry and Crystallinity During Early Growth, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, volume 50, pages 1763–1772(2019) A