GABOR Camelia

Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science
Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering


1 Universității, Brașov, Romania
Building W, Room WII2
Phone/Fax: +40 268 411877


Research interests:

  • thin films obtained by PVD methods
  • materials characterization: nanoindentation, tribology, adhesion, corrosion

Publications (selection)

  • C. Lopes, C. Gabor, D. Cristea, R. Costa, R.P. Domingues, M.S. Rodrigues, J. Borges, E. Alves, N.P. Barradas, D. Munteanu, F. Vaz, Evolution of the mechanical properties of Ti-based intermetallic thin films doped with different metals to be used as biomedical devices, Applied Surface Science, 505 (2020) 144617,
  • M. Pătru, C. Gabor, D. Cristea, G. Oncioiu, D. Munteanu, Mechanical and wear characteristics of a-C:H/Cr/AlN/Ti multilayer films deposited by PVD/PACVD, Surface and Coatings Technology, 320 (2017) 284-292,
  • M. S. Rodrigues, J. Borges, C. Gabor, D. Munteanu, M. Apreutesei, P. Steyer, C. Lopes, P. Pedrosa, E. Alves, N.P. Barradas, L. Cunha, D. Martinez-Martinez, F. Vaz, Functional behaviour of TiO2 films doped with noble metals, Surface Engineering, 32 (2016) 554-561,