Camelia CERBU

Professor hab. dr. eng. / PhD supervisor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Str. Universității nr. 1, Brașov, România
Building C, room CP10-c
Tel./Fax: +40 268 474671


Research interests:

  • mechanics of composite materials;
  • modeling and simulation of stress and strain states in mechanical structures;
  • mechanical testing of structures of various materials (isotropic, anisotropic, composites);
  • effects of the environmental factors on the mechanical properties of composite materials.


Publications (selection)

  • Cerbu, C., Wang, H., Botis, M. F., Huang, Z., & Plescan, C. (2020). Temperature effects on the mechanical properties of hybrid composites reinforced with vegetable and glass fibers. Mechanics of Materials, 149, 103538.
  • Dumbrava, F., & Cerbu, C. (2020). Experimental Study on the Stiffness of Steel Beam-to-Upright Connections for Storage Racking Systems. Materials, 13, 2949.
  • Xu, D., Cerbu, C., Wang, H., & Rosca, I. C. (2019). Analysis of the hybrid composite materials reinforced with natural fibers considering digital image correlation (DIC) measurements, Mechanics of Materials, 135, 46–56. . * Autor de corespondență: Cerbu Camelia.
  • Cerbu, C., & Botis, M. (2017). Numerical modeling of the flax / glass / epoxy hybrid composite materials in bending. Procedia Engineering, 181, 308–315.
  • Cerbu, C., & Coșereanu, C. (2016). Moisture effects on the mechanical behavior of fir wood flour/glass reinforced epoxy composite, BioResources, 11(4), 8364-8385.