Maria Violeta GUIMAN

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Str. Politehnicii nr. 1, Brașov, România
Building N, Room NP2a
Tel./Fax: +40 268 474671


Research interests

  • Biomechanics
  • Acoustics
  • Composite materials


Publications (selection)

  • M. V. Guiman, I. C. Roșca, A New Approach on Vibrating Horns Design, SHOCK AND VIBRATION, Volume 2017,
  • I. C. Roșca, M. Pop, N. C. Crețu, M. V. Guiman, Wave propagation through ultrasonic horns-simulation and testing, ANNALS of Faculty Engineering Hunedoara – International Journal of Engineering, Tome XIV [2016] – Fascicule 4 [November]
  • I. C. Roșca, C. Spîrchez, M. V. Guiman, Study of the vibration level in case of manufacturing on a CNC machine-tool, PRO LIGNO, Vol. 11, N° 4, 2015, 487-493
  • M.V. Guiman, M. Mihălcică, A correlation approach between the take off velocity and jumped distance based on high speed camera records, International Conference on Innovative Technologies, IN-TECH 2015, 09. - 11.09.2015, Dubrovnik, Croația
  • Maria Violeta GUIMAN, ACUSTICĂ TEHNICĂ, Ed. Universității Transilvania din Braşov, 2016, ISBN 978-606-19-0838-7