CAZAN Ana-Maria

Associate professor
Department of Psychology, Education and Teacher Training
Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences


Nicolae Bălcescu 56, Brașov, Romania
Building K
Phone/Fax: +40 268 416184


Research interests:

  • self-regulated learning and cognitive factors of learning
  • academic adjustment
  • positive psychology in educational context

Publications (selection)

  • Cazan, A. M. (2020). An intervention study for the development of self-regulated learning skills. Current Psyhcology,
  • David, L. T., Truta, C., Cazan, A. M., Albisser, S, Keller-Schneider, M. (2020). Exploring the impact of a career guidance intervention program in schools: Effects on knowledge and skills as self-assessed by students. Current psychology,
  • Rucsanda, M .D., Cazan, A. M., & Truta, C. (2020). Musical performance and emotions in children: The case of musical competitions. Psychology of Music. 48(4), 480-494.
  • Cakal, H., Halabi, S., Cazan, A.M., & Eller, A. (2021). Intergroup Contact and Endorsement of Social Change Motivations: The Mediating Role of Intergroup Trust, Perspective-Taking, and Intergroup Anxiety among Three Advantaged Groups in northern Cyprus, Romania, and Israel. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations. 24(1), 48-66.
  • Maican, C. I., Cazan, A, M., Lixandroiu, C. R., & Dovleac, L. (2019). A study on academic staff personality and technology acceptance: The case of communication and collaboration applications. Computers & Education, 128, 113-131.