BORZ Stelian Alexandru

Department of Forest Engineering, Forest Management Planning and Terrestrial Measurements
Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering


Șirul Beethoven nr. 1, Brașov, România
Builind S, Room S4
Tel.: +40 742 042 455


Research interests:

  • Forest operations and timber harvesting systems
  • Biomass for energy production
  • Modern measurement, optimization and prediction methods and techniques

Publications (selection):

  • Borz SA, Păun M (2020). Integrating offline object tracking, signal processing and artificial intelligence to classify relevant events in sawmilling operations. Forests 11(12): 1333.
  • Talagai N, Marcu MV, Zimbalatti G, Proto AR, Borz SA (2020). Productivity in partly mechanized planting operations of willow short rotation coppice. Biomass and Bioenergy 138: 105609.
  • Rauch P, Borz SA (2017). Reengineering the Romanian timber supply chain from a process management perspective. Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering 41(1): 85-94.
  • Tiță GC, Marcu MV, Ignea G, Borz SA (2019). Near the forest road: small changes in air temperature and relative humidity in mixed temperate mountainous forests. Transportation Research Part D – Transport and Environment 74: 82-92.
  • Borz SA, Talagai N, Cheța M, Chiriloiu D, Montoya AVG, Vizuete DDC, Marcu MV (2019). Physical strain, exposure to noise and postural assessment in motor-manual felling of willow short rotation coppice: results of a preliminary study. Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering 40(2): 377-388.
  • Cheța M, Marcu MV, Borz SA (2015). Workload, exposure to noise and risk of musculoskeletal disorders: a case study of motor-manual tree felling and processing in poplar clear cuts. Forests 9(6): 300.