CÂMPU Răzvan Vasile

Department of Forest Engineering, Forest Management Planning and Terrestrial Measurements
Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering


Str. Șirul Beethoven nr. 1, Brașov, Romania
building S, Room S7
Tel./Fax: +40268477695
E-mail: vasile.campu@unitbv.ro


Research interests:

  • The impact of timber harvesting on forest ecosystem components;
  • The study of work in timber harvesting;
  • Tree quality assessment, wood defects and wood sorting;
  • Tree stability assessment in urban areas;
  • The scaling of stacked wood


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  • CIUBOTARU A., CÂMPU V.R., 2018. Delimbing and cross-cutting of coniferous trees – time consumption, work productivity and performance. Forests 9(4), 206. DOI:10.3390/f9040206
  • CÂMPU V.R., CIUBOTARU A., 2017. Time consumption and productivity in manual tree felling with a chainsaw – a case study of resinous stands from mountainous areas. Silva Fennica 51(2):1-19. DOI:10.14214/sf.1657
  • CÂMPU V.R., BORZ, S. A., 2017. Amount and structure of tree damage when using cut-to-length system. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 16(9):2053-2061.
  • CÂMPU V.R., DUMITRACHE R., BORZ S.A., TIMOFTE I.A, 2015. The impact of log length on the conversion factor of stacked wood to solid content. Wood Research 60(3):503-518.
  • CÂMPU V.R., DUMITRACHE R., 2015. Frost Crack Impact on European Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) Wood Quality. Not Bot Horti Agrobo 43(1), DOI:10.15835/nbha4319655.