MUȘAT Elena Camelia

Department of Forest Engineering, Forest Management Planning and Terrestrial Measurements
Faculty of Silviculture and forest engineering


Șirul Beethoven 1,500123, Brașov, Romania
Builing S, Room S4
Tel./Fax: +40 268 418 600


Research interests:

  • Ergonomics;
  • Forest roads;
  • Machines for constructions

Publications (selection):

  • Iftime, M., Mușat, E.C.*, Ciobanu, V.D., 2019. Analysis of the working accidents recordered during the harvesting of the trees, between 2013 – 2018, for workers of the National Forest Administration, Romsilva, Romania. In: Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol.20(4), pp. 1717-1726.
  • Dumitrașcu; A.E.,  Salca, E.A.*,  Mihail, L.A., Ciobanu,  V.D.,  MUȘAT,  E.C.,  2018.  Inferential Statistics of Quercus Species in Veneer Cutting. In: BioResources, vol. 13(3), pp. 6766-6777.
  • Dumitraşcu, A.E., Muşat, E.C., Dumitraşcu, D.I., Ciobanu, V.D., Salcă, E.A.*, 2017a. Influence of sessile oak log characteristics on the efficiency in veneer cutting. In: BioResources, vol.12(2), pp. 2579-2591.
  • Muşat,  E.C.,  Salcă,  E.A.,  Ciobanu,  V.D.,  Dumitraşcu,  A.E.*,  2017b.  The Influence of Log Defects on the Cutting Yield of Oak Venner. In: BioResources, vol. 12(4), pp.  7917-7930.
  • Muşat, E.-C., Salcă, E.-A.*, Dinulică, F., Ciobanu, V.D., Dumitraşcu, A.-E., 2016a. Evaluation of color variability of oak veneers for sorting. În: BioResources, vol. 11(1), February 2016, pp.573-584.
  • Muşat, E.-C., Apăfăian, A.I, Ignea, G., Ciobanu, D.V., Iordache E., Derczeni, R.A., Spârchez, G., Vasilescu,  M.M.,  Borz,  S.A.*,  2016b.  Time expenditure in  computer aided time studies implemented for hightly mechanized forest equipment. In: Annals of Forest Research, vol.59(1), pp. 129-144.