Associate professor eng
Department of Silviculture
Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering


Sirul Beethoven no 1, 500123 - Brașov, Romania
Building S, Room S I 5
Phone.: +40 729 555 775


Research interests: :

  • Forest dynamics
  • Certification of forest management
  • Nature conservation
  • Species-habitat relationships
  • Role and place of human dimension in natural ecosystems

Publications (selection)

  • Petru Tudor Stăncioiu and Kevin L. O’Hara 2005. Regeneration growth in different light environments of mixed species, multiaged, mountainous forests of Romania. European Journal of Forest Research, 125: 151–162.
  • Petru Tudor Stăncioiu, Ioan Vasile Abrudan and Ioan Dutcă 2010. The Natura 2000 ecological network and forests in Romania - some implications on management and administration. International Forestry Review, 222: 55–66.
  • Petru Tudor Stăncioiu, Mihai Daniel Niță, Gabriel Ervin Lazăr 2018. Forestland connectivity in Romania - Implications for policy and management. Land Use Policy, 76: 487-499
  • Berberich G. M., Klimetzek D., Paraschiv M., Stancioiu P. T., Grumpe A. 2019. Biogeostatistics confirm: Even a low total number of red wood ant nests provide new information on tectonics in the East Carpathian Orogen (Romania). Ecological Indicators, 101: 486–500
  • Stăncioiu, P.T., Dutcă, I., Bălăcescu M.C., Ungurean Șt.V.. 2019. Coexistence with Bears in Romania: A Local Community Perspective. Sustainability, 11(24), 7167