Alexandru-Codrin IONESCU

Department of Mathematics and Informatics
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics


50 Iuliu Maniu Street, Brașov, Romania
Building P, Room PP4
Phone/Fax: +40 268 414016

Descarcă CV

Research interests:

  • Complex Finsler geometry
  • Riemannian and nonriemannian geometry
  • Lie algebroids
  • Manifold learning
  • Dimension reduction

Publicații (selectie)

  • Ionescu, A., Munteanu, G., Connections on the Total Space of a Holomorphic Lie Algebroid, Mediterr. J. Math. 14:163, 2017.
  • Ionescu, A., Finsler structures on holomorphic Lie algebroids, Novi Sad J. Math. Vol. 47, No. 2, p. 117-132, 2017.
  • Ionescu, A., Laplace operators on holomorphic Lie algebroids, An. Șt. Univ. Ovidius Constanța, Vol. 26(1), p. 141-158, 2018.
  • Ionescu, A., Vanishing Theorems on Holomorphic Lie algebroids, Mediterr. J. Math. 15:213, 2018.
  • Ionescu, A.-M., Ionescu, A., The doubly warped product of holomorphic Lie algebroids, J. of Lie Theory 30, No. 3, p. 767-778, 2020.