Associate Professor Ph.D
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science


Iuliu Maniu street no. 50, Brașov, 500091, Romania
Building P
Phone/Fax: +40 268 414 016
E-mail: diana.savin@unitbv.ro


Research interests

Algebraic Number Theory:

    • Algebraic number fields
    • Ramification theory in algebraic number fields
    • Diophantine Equations
    • Elliptic Curves

Associative Algebras (aspects of algebriac number theory):

      • Quaternion algebras
      • Symbol algebras;
      • Other central simple algebras


      • Special numbers, generating functions

Computational number theory, elementary number theory

Certain types of lattices

Publications (selection)

      • Savin, D., Ştefănescu, M. (2011), A necessary condition for certain primes to be written in the form x+ ryJournal of Algebra and Its Applications (World Scientific), vol. 10, no.3 (June 2011), p. 435-443.
      • Savin, D.(2017), About special elements in quaternion algebras over finite fieldsAdvances in Applied Clifford Algebras (Springer), vol. 27, June 2017, Issue 2, p. 1801-1813.
      • Acciaro, V., Savin, D., Taous, M., Zekhnini, A. (2021), On quaternion algebras over the composite of quadratic number fieldsGlasnik Matematicki, vol. 56, no. 1 (2021), p. 63-78.
      • Minculete, N., Savin, D.(2021), Some generalizations of the functions and in algebraic number fieldsExpositiones Mathematicae (Science Direct, Elsevier), vol. 39 (2021), p. 344-353.
      • Savin, D., Acciaro, V. (2021), Some split symbol algebras of prime degreesProceedings of the Workshop Women in Numbers, Europe III, Research Directions in Number Theory, 2021(Springer, editors: A.C. Cojocaru, S. Ionică, E. Lorenzo Garcia),p. 319-328.