1. The loss, destruction or deterioration of the publications is sanctioned by physical recovery of identical documents or by paying the inventory value, updated by applying the inflation factor to date,plus a sum equivalent to 1-5 times the price calculated this way (Law of the Libraries no. 334/2002 republished, art. 67 paragraph 2)
  2. The publication theft constitutes a crime and is punishable under the internal procedure, according to the law in force.
  3. For the users’ failure to return on time the borrowed publications, amaximum penalty of 15 lei / publication / month is charged, gradually applied by 0,5 lei / publication / day.
  4. If the penalty is paid within 30 calendar days since the date of loan, then the user keeps his/her right to borrow.
  5. If the default time limit of 30 days is exceeded, the user is obliged to pay the value of the penalty and he/she loses his/her right to borrow for a period of minimum 15 calendar days.
  6. To prevent the application of the penalties for the failure to return the publications on time, the users are asked to consult the UTILIZATOR [USER] modulus from OPAC so as to verify the loan term. Note that, this way, the user may automatically extend the loan term of the publications.
  7. In order to be informed on time upon the loan term, the users are asked to forward their personal e-mail addresses, to the e-mail address: