• • to use the wardrobe (the valuables will be kept by users. The Library assumes no liability for the valuables lost or damaged within the library spaces);
  • • to submit the library card or the subscription card, at entering the room;
  • • to announce the loss of the library card;
  • • to consult the online catalogue of the library, so as to identify the publications which are to be consulted and so as to avoid the blockage of the front shelf spaces, reducing thereby thesearch time;
  • • the users are under obligation to ask the library keeper the permission for introducing in the free access room, the documents that do not pertain to the library collection;
  • • to check the physical state of the documents and to inform onthe possible damages (deteriorated book cover, missing or torn pages, underlining etc.);
  • • to protect the consulted publications, to consult the informational content without producing damages by making notes or underlining the page, without tearing the pages or cutting up the figures etc.
  • • to remit the consulted publications to the room keeper or to place them in specific places so as to be intercalated on the shelf only by the specialized staff of the library;
  • • to comply with the order, discipline and silence.