Description of peer review system

Manuscripts submitted by authors in electronic format are evaluated by the editor(s) with a view to launching the peer-review process. The manuscripts undergoing the peer-review process are sent for evaluation to two reviewers, members of the Editorial Council, or to some collaborators of the University Press, with expertise in the domain of the work.

The reviewers are asked to determine whether the information presented in the manuscript is scientifically correct and coherent, and to evaluate the manuscript quality based on a specific form. The reviewers are asked to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the work. Following the evaluation, reviewers suggest the publishing house:

  • to accept the manuscript, with or without modifications;
  • to invite the authors to revise the manuscript in order to comply with the reviewers’ comments, before making the final decision on publishing the manuscript;
  • to reject the manuscript, the invoked arguments being the lack of scientific interest, the lack of novelty, superficial approach to the subject or major drafting problems.

The decision to edit a book is based on evaluating the quality of the arguments put forward by each reviewer and by the authors on the manuscript quality.  The reviewers may be asked to detail the initial decision, especially in case of disagreements between the reviewers’ opinions or in case the author believes certain aspects were misunderstood. In certain circumstances, additional reviewers may be consulted to solve the disputes.

The reviewers shall deal with the manuscript content as confidential. Those who have access to the content of the material are bound to keep the confidentiality and not use it improperly. The peer-review process will ensure equal opportunities for all authors to publish their manuscript.  Acceptance and scheduling for publication of the works shall not be hindered by subsequently added criteria or by additional procedures that were not originally included in the peer-review process.

After completing these stages, a decision on the publication will be made and the authors will be notified by e-mail.