Editorial Council

The Editorial Council has the following constituency

  • Vice-Rector for Didactic Activities Mihaela Gheorghe
  • Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and IT Carmen Buzea
  • Director of the University Press Răzvan Săftoiu
  • Director of the University Library Mihai Ignat
  • Editorial Counsellor

Faculty representatives, appointed on the basis of fundamental fields

  • Civil Engineering: Marius Florin Botiş
  • Product Design and Environment: Angela Repanovici
  • Law: Andreea Cătălina Ciurea
  • Wood Engineering: Lidia Gurău
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Doru Ursuțiu
  • Technological Engineering and Industrial Management: Andrea Deaconescu
  • Letters: Oana Tatu, Georgeta Moarcăs
  • Mathematics and Computer Science: Radu Păltănea
  • Medicine: Diana Țînț
  • Music: Petre Marcel Vârlan
  • Psychology and Education Sciences: Mariela Pavalache
  • Sociology and Communication: Gabriela Rățulea
  • Materials Science and Engineering: Liana Sanda Balteş
  • Economics and Business Administration: Ileana Tache

The Editorial Council has the following  attributions

  • - to define and promote the editorial policy of Transilvania University of Braşov;
  • - to endorse the editorial issues on the basis of the Annual Editorial Plan elaborated by faculties;
  • - to require, for every editorial issue, specialized reviews, and to verify them. At least one of the reviewers must be an active teaching staff member of Transilvania University of Braşov, in accordance with the fundamental domain the work belongs to
  • - to communicate in writing to the author, based on negative peer reviews, the decision not to publish the work. The decision shall be accompanied by anonymous copies of the reviews. The manuscript and the reviews in original are kept in the archive of the University Press;
  • - to elaborate the annual income and expenditure budget of the press and to submit it for approval to the Administration Council, as a component part of the consolidated income and expenditure budget of Transilvania University of Braşov.