1. Significance of ISMN code

ISMN (The International Standard Music Number) is an international standardized code for the identification of all printed music publications, defined by SR ISO10957.

The standard ISO 10957 was revised, amended and it took effect on January 1st, 2008. As of this date, the ISMN code has consisted of 13 digits – grouped in 4 segments of variable length, separated by hyphen.

The code is preceded by the acronym ISMN.

  • a distinguishing prefix  979-0 – identifies the editorial production of printed music publications, at international level;
  • a publisher ID – identifies the publisher of the document. Its length will vary depending on the number of works printed by the respective publisher;
  • an item ID – numbers the document, among the publisher’s printed work;
  • a check digit – the last digit of the ISMN code, which validates the ISMN code.

The calculation algorithm of the control digit pertains to the International ISMN Agency, located in Berlin, Germany.

2. Categoriesof documents that receive ISMN code (either a part, a score or an element in a multi-media kit)

The ISMN code identifies the music documents issued on the Romanian territory, which are publicly available, are not customized andhave no periodical issuance, under the same title:

  • full scores;
  • miniature scores / study scores;
  • parts;
  • score-accompanying instructions for performing (available either with the score, or separately) excerpted from a complete work, which may be individually used;
  • text/ lyrics of the songs, published along with the score (if separately available);
  • music collections;
  • a sound or video recording, which, along with printed music, constitute a composition;
  • music publications on microcards;
  • Braille music publications;
  • electronic music publications.

3. Categories of documents that do not receive ISMN code

  • books about music, except those containing musical notes;
  • audio or video recordings, separately available, not accompanying a music document (which are identifiable by ISRC code, respectively ISAN code);
  • serial publications (which are identifiable by ISSN code).