Document delivery to the University Press

All files should be readable and not contain viruses.

The files must contain the final version of the work.

Exclusively send the files of the book. Erase any other materials.

Send the work on high quality CDs. Do not use other supports (BluRay etc.) as they might not be accessible to the publishing house.

Bring also a spare CD with the text of the work.

Always keep a copy. Do not send your unique CD to the publishing house.

Always accompany the CD with a list indicating the content of each file. It is best for you to save each chapter in separate files.

If the document was achieved in CorelDraw and is reckoned press proof, please convert all fonts to curves.

If the document is in pdf format, please include on the CD all fonts used when writing the text.

If the file is bigger than the capacity of the CD, the file must be compressed. Use archiving software WinRar, WinZip or create an archive of the type “Self extract”. In case you use another archiver, bring also the software together with the CD.

Accompany the CD with the text printed on paper. The printing and the electronic manuscript must be identical.