CIBv 2019

The International Scientific Conference “CIBv – Civil Engineering and Building Services 2019”

1-2 November 2019

On the 1st and 2nd of November 2019, the Faculty of Civil Engineering hereby invites you to participate in the 14th International Scientific Conference “CIBv – Civil Engineering and Building Services 2019”.

The CIBv International Scientific Conference is one of the most important scientific events in the field of civil engineering and building services in Romania, gaining great visibility at international level.

The CIBv conference aims to offer a platform for researchers, engineers, academics, as well as professionals worldwide, to disseminate their research results and development activities. The conference also provides the participants with opportunities to exchange ideas and application experiences, establish business or research relations, and find partners for future collaborations.

Over 200 participants from Romania, Serbia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and Japan have presented their papers at each conference edition. According to the participants’ feedback, the quality and prestige of the conference have increased with each edition.

The 14th CIBv conference will take place between 1-2 November 2019 at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, “Atanasaie Talpoși” Amphitheatre.

Partners: The Technical Sciences Academy of Romania – Civil Engineering and Urbanism department and Shenyang Jianzhu University in China.