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Departamentul de Știința și ingineria materialelor
Facultatea de Știința și ingineria materialelor


B-dul Eroilor nr. 25, Brașov, Romania
Corp W, sala WIII1

Descarcă CV

Interese de cercetare:

  • Fabricarea aditivă/ additive manufacturing
  • Simularea solidificării pieselor turnate/castings solidification simulation
  • Inginerie asistata de calculator/ computer aided engineering

Publicații (selecție)

  • Munteanu, SI; Ciobanu, I; Crisan, A, et al.- Experimental and Simulation Researches about "U" Section Castings Solidification - 5th International Conference on Solidification and Gravity, Date: SEP 06-09, 2008 Univ Miskolc Miskolc-Lillafured HUNGARY , Published: SOLIDIFICATION AND GRAVITY V Volume: 649 Pages: 437-442, 2010
  • Ciobanu, I. Munteanu, S.I., Crişan A., Bedo T., Monescu V.- RISER ANALYSIS USING CASTING SIMULATION TECHNIQUES DURING SOLIDIFICATION, International Journal of Metalcasting, Volume: 8, Issue: 4 2014, Pages: 63-75, ISSN 1939-5981
  • Munteanu S.I., Ciobanu I., Crisan A.- Macro-solidification Solidification Simulation during continuous casting of aluminum alloys slabs., Annals of DAAAM for 2008 and Proceedings of the 19 th International DAAAM Symposium “INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING And AUTOMATION; FOCUS NEXT GENERATION Of INTELIGENT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTION” 22-25th October 2008, Tirnava, Slovakia.pag. 0931-0932
  • Munteanu SI, Ciobanu I, Crisan A, Bedo T, Feraru D. - The Influence of the Cooler Material on the Structure and Hardeness Gradient of a Grey Pearlitic Cast Iron Advanced Materials Research 1128, 18-25
  • I Ghiuta, A Gatto, E Bassoli, SI Munteanu, T Bedo, MA Pop, C Gabor, , M Covei, M Cosnita, D Cristea, B Varga, D Munteanu - The Influence of Powder Particle and Grain Size on Parts Manufacturing by Powder Bed Fusion Materials Science Forum 941, 1585-1590