Documents required for registration

To register for the doctoral admission competition, applicants must access the online platform (, and upload the following documents:

1. the application form and the registration form (standard forms) available on the SDI website (Annex 1 and Annex 2);

2. certificate of language proficiency;

At Transilvania University of Brașov, this certificate can be obtained through a language proficiency exam taken at the Centre for Modern Languages ​​ Appointments for the exam are to be made by phone at 0730/273889.

The following applicants are exempted from the proficiency exam:

- applicants who are nationals of a country where the official language is of international circulation (English, German, French, Spanish);

- applicants who have completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme in one of these languages, (including graduates of Bachelor programmes in the fields of Language and Literature and Modern Applied Languages);

- applicants holding a Certificate of Language Proficiency at B2 (CEFR), issued by an internationally recognized institution in the field. The certificates of language proficiency issued by Romanian institutions must be validated by the Centre for Modern Languages of Transilvania University of Brașov (they are sent for validation to

3. identity card;

4. birth certificate;

5. marriage certificate or other document attesting the name change (if applicable);

6. Baccalaureate diploma;

7. Bachelor's degree or equivalent and transcript*;

8. Master's degree and transcript* (if applicable);

* As an exception, applicants who passed the Bachelor's exam (integrated study programmes) or Dissertation in the exam periods corresponding to the academic year 2022-2023, may present at registration (instead of diplomas) certificates issued by the graduated higher education institutions. These documents must include the cumulative GPA for the Bachelor/Master studies and the GPA of the Bachelor / Dissertation exam, as applicable.

9. curriculum vitae (Euro Pass), without personal data – signed by the applicant;

10. list of scientific papers in the field (if applicable) – signed by the applicant;

11. proof of payment of the registration fee (in case the payment was not made by card through the admission platform) as has been approved by the University Senate or a document certifying the fee exemption;

Children of teaching and auxiliary teaching staff who are working or retired are exempt from paying the registration fee, based on supporting documents. The university employees will pay half of the established fee and will present a certificate of employment. The same reduction applies to the children of university employees (other than teaching and auxiliary teaching staff) who will present the parent's certificate of employment.

12. medical certificate issued by the family doctor, indicating that the holder is medically fit to attend doctoral studies;

13. the declaration of conformity with the original of the documents uploaded to the admission platform (Annex 3).

IMPORTANT NOTE: All registration documents must be visibly scanned in PDF format (double-sided if necessary) and uploaded to the application platform; illegible documents will not be taken into account. Each file uploaded for registration cannot exceed 5 MB.