British and American studies

Annually published, the volume Conference on British and American Studies brings together the most valuable contributions of the Romanian and foreign researchers acting in this field. The first issue of this volume series was released in 2003 and coincided with the first edition of the Conference, an event annually organized and hosted by the Faculty of Letters within Transilvania  University of Brașov. Ever since, the Conference on British and American Studies has undertaken the mission to raise the awareness of the local and worldwide academic community on its members’ preoccupations, to provide the context for constructive dialogue and criticism, to help develop knowledge, in the light of disciplines such as Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, English-Expression Literature, Literary Criticism, Discourse Analysis, Semiotics, Didactics, Lexicography and Cultural Studies. The variety of these sub-domains naturally corresponds to a manifold of perspectives and approaches, reflecting tradition and modernity alike, in humanistic research. The authors of the papers – renowned experts and young researchers – act at universities in the country and in the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary and Malta.

Prof. Marinela Burada, PhD

Collection coordinator