Musical anniversaries


The events integrated within the musical landscape of Braşov include the National Symposium of Musicology Aniversările Muzicale [Musical Anniversaries], which has been annually organized since 2006, on the initiative and under the coordination of Prof. Petruţa Măniuţ Coroiu, Ph.D., teaching staff member at the Faculty of Music within Transilvania University of Braşov. The studies and essays of musicology and musical aesthetics, of music history, critique, pedagogy and musical didactics, of religious music, music therapy, the biographies of personalities from the Romanian or universal music, submitted within the successive editions of this event, were published in six volumes at Transilvania University Press of Braşov, between 2006-2011.

The authors – musicologists, composers, music critics, teaching staff at universities in the country (National University of Music Bucharest, University of Arts „G. Enescu” Iaşi, Academy of Music „Gheorghe Dima” Cluj-Napoca, Transilvania University of Braşov, Institute of Ethnography and Folklore „Constantin Brăiloiu” of the Romanian Academy etc.) and abroad (Universität für Musik und Darsellende Kunst Wien – Austria; Academy of Music Faethon, State High School and Macedonian Conservatory Thessaloniki – Greece; Academy of Music Chişinău – Republic of Moldova), high-school teachers, doctoral students, undergraduate students, performers, journalists – by their papers, written in Romanian, German, English or French, and illustrated with scores, promote the idea that music, due to its valence of transcendent language, is an effective tool for opening a large space to intercultural dialogue, auspicious to accessing universes of feeling and thought, and also to promoting national values.

The biographical incursions in the lives of illustrious musicians such as Olivier Messiaen, Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky, Leopold Godowsky, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi or George Enescu, Anatol Vieru, Paul Constantinescu, Cella Delavrancea, Roxana Pepelea and so forth, complete the panorama of the universal cultural heritage, offering young composers, performers, art critics, the possibility to diversify, by study, talent and creativity, the elements of expression and sonorous architecture, of new expression-crystallisation and, likewise, offering music lovers, in general, the possibility to study thoroughly already known contents.

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