About the Collection

The purpose of the Psychology Collection is to provide the readers with diversified insights into human behaviour, its biological and social determinants, into psychological models and methods used to better know individual and group personality, into ethical landmarks that mark out the interaction between psychologists and society.

The volumes edited within the Psychology Collection are addressed to a broad public. They comply with the readers’ interest in self-knowledge and in knowing one’s fellows, as well as with the experts’ questions. The works contribute to the professional training of those who study or have studied psychology, who will discover guidelines for developing psychological support and intervention skills, with a view to ensuring the wellbeing and positive relating of the actors within the educational, organisational and health environment.

The Psychology Collection aims at publishing Romanian and foreign authors, original works, translations, dictionaries, responding to a wide range of interests. The topics of the collection refer to:

  • developmental and educational psychology,
  • psychological evaluation and diagnosis,
  • individual and group psychological counselling,
  • consultancy for parents, managers, community leaders,
  • psychological prevention, diagnosis and intervention,
  • personal development and optimization,
  • human resource management.

Hoping that this collection will endure, the topics will expand in line with the scientific evolutions and with the authors’ preoccupations. The collection is also open to related fields, psychologists today working, in favour of their clients, in genuinely interdisciplinary teams.

Mariela Pavalache-Ilie, PhD

Collection coordinator