About the collection

Scientific research is an essential component of the higher-education process and a major preoccupation of the teaching staff within Transilvania University of Braşov. The outcomes of the scientific research activity conducted by the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering are mainly monographic publications, but also papers published in the University Bulletin and in the proceedings of the biennial International Symposium Forest and Sustainable Development, since 2004; the volume of proceedings was published the following year. Since 2011, the papers have been written and published in English.

The volumes of proceedings during 2005-2011 were structured into 9 sections:

  • Silvobiology;
  • Silvotechnique and Forest Protection;
  • Protected Areas and Biodiversity Protection;
  • Cynegetics;
  • Forest and Torrential Watershed Arrangement;
  • Terrestrial Measurements;
  • Wood Exploitation and Enhancement Technologies;
  • Forest Transport and Constructions;
  • Forest Policy, Law and Economics.

Valentina Ciobanu, PhD

Collection coordinator