CIBv Conference, organized by the Faculty of Civil Engineering within Transilvania University of Braşov, appeared in 2002, under the name Anniversary Scientific Session on Civil Engineering – Installations Braşov CIB, on the occasion of celebrating 30 years of technical higher education in the field of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering, in the city of Braşov and 10 years of technical higher education in the field of Installations for Civil Engineering, in the city of Braşov. Well-known experts from Romania and abroad have participated as authors and/ or members of the scientific committee.

The main topics discussed were the following: Structure Calculation and Optimization, Concrete Structures, Steel Structures, Wooden Structures, Computer-Aided Design of the Structures, Railways, Roads and Bridges, Geotechnics and Foundations, Building Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, Experimental Methods for Structure Investigation, Modern Solutions for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Energy Performance of the Buildings and Afferent Installations, Solutions for the Efficient Use of the Unconventional Energies in Buildings, Efficient Lighting Systems in Buildings, Modern Materials and Technologies in Civil Engineering.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Valentin Vasile Ungureanu

Collection coordinator