PROCEEDINGS of the 5th International Conference on Optimization of Electric and Electronic Equipments: OPTIM ’96, Braşov, May 15- 17, 1996. Ed.: Ioan Mărgineanu, Andrei Nicolaide, Mihai Cernat. Braşov: The Transilvania University of Braşov, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1996. 6 vol.

Vol. 1: Section A: Mathematical Modelling; Electromagnetic Field; Electrical Circuits; Electrotechnical Materials. 260 p. ISBN 973-97549-3-7

Vol. 2: Section B: Electrical and Electronic Measurements; Section C: Electronics. p. 261-574. ISBN 973-97549-4-5

Vol. 3: Section D: Electrical Apparatus; Power Systems; Electromagnetic Compatibility. p. 575-916. ISBN973-97549-5-3

Vol. 4: Section E: Electrical Machines. p. 917-1194. ISBN973-97549-6-1

Vol. 5: Section F: Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. p. 1195-1618. ISBN 973-97549-7-X

Vol. 6: Section G : Automation and Industrial Informatics. p. 1619-1808. ISBN 973-97549-8-8