PROCEEDINGS of the 6th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipments: OPTIM ’98, Braşov, May 15 - 17, 1998. Ed.: Ioan Mărgineanu, Andrei Nicolaide, Mihai Cernat. Braşov: Transilvania University Press, 1998. 3 vol.

Vol. 1: Electrotechnics: Electrotechnical Materials, Electromagnetic Field, Electromagnetic Heating, Industrial Power Systems and High Voltage Technique, Electrical Apparatus and Equipments, Protection, Power Quality, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Machines. 328p. ISBN 973-98511-2-6

Vol. 2: Power Electronics, Electrical Drives and Automation: Power Electronics; Control of AC and DC Drives; Control of Permanent Magnet and Switched Reluctance Motor Drives; Estimation; Identification; Control and Industrial Informatics; Modelling and Simulation; Software Tools for Education and Multimedia; Robotics and Mobile Autonomous Systems. p. 319-636. ISBN 973-98511-2-6

Vol. 3: Electronics and Computers: Electronic Devices and Circuits; Signal Processing; Electronic Medical Applications; Image Processing; Measurement and Data Acquisition; Communications; Reliability of Integrated Microcircuits and Microsystems. p. 623-822. ISBN 973-98511-2-6