PROCEEDINGS of the 13th International Conference on Optimization of Electrical and Electronic Equipment: OPTIM 2012, Braşov, May 24 –26, 2012.Ed. Luminiţa Roxana Cloţea, Mihai Cernat. Braşov: Editura Universităţii Transilvania din Braşov, 2010. 5 part. ISSN 1842-0133

Part. 1: [Keynote Addresses; Power Systems and Electromagnetics]. 337 p.

Part. 2: [Electrical Machines, Industrial Drives and Control]. p. 338-750.

Part. 3: [Power Electronics and Power Conversion ; Renewable Energy Conversion, Processing and Storage]. p.751-1051.

Part. 4: [Mechatronics,Industrial and Automation and Control; Applied Electronics and System Integration; Electrical Engineering Education and Emerging Technologies]. p.1052-1336.

Part. 5: [Cold-Plasma Discharges and Applications; Medical Applications and Ambient Assisted Living; Robotics, Vision and Real –Time Data Processing; Energy Storage Devices and Their Mobile and Stationary Applications]. p.1337-1597.